château et moulin de negrepelisse en bord de rivière aveyron
vue aérienne de Nègrepelisse en Tarn-et-Garonne près de l'aveyron
accueil vélo château patrimoine à visiter à Nègrepelisse en Tarn-et-Garonne 82
espace naturel en bord de rivière Aveyron à Nègrepelisse en Tarn-et-Garonne


Charming bastide in the east of Tarn-et-Garonne, Nègrepelisse was born on the left bank of the river, at the confluence of the Aveyron and the Longues-Aygues stream, in the shadow of the castle which protected it. This rural town offers all the advantages of living in the countryside with infrastructures and facilities worthy of a town of 6,000 inhabitants. Thus, rich in this gastronomic and environmental terroir, tourists will be able to appreciate a green setting with architectural inspirations from Toulouse (fairground brick construction) and Quercy (use of limestone blocks).

On the spot

The town benefits from a privileged and central position between Montauban and the Gorges de l’Aveyron. Thus, culture and nature are the key words of the visits to be made.

On site, you can discover thanks to the free guided tours organized every Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. (during the summer season), the rich heritage of Nègrepelisse with its church and its listed temple, its 13th century castle, its mill, its listed washhouse also.

In terms of entertainment, the weekly farmers’ market (Tuesday morning), the municipal swimming pool, the large recreational sports park, the island crossed by the Aveyron river, offer families great moments of family games and relaxation. In summer, local associations regularly take over the Place Nationale to organize balls, dinner dances, fireworks, rides…

What to do around the campsite?

  • A descent of the Aveyron by canoe-kayak from Nègrepelisse
  • Hike in the national forest of Sarret or on the short hiking trails of Nègrepelisse
  • Fishing in the river or in the lakes of Tordre or Gouyre
  • Stroll through the Friday night market in St-Etienne-de-Tulmont
  • Visit the castles of Bruniquel, the Marcel Lenoir museum in Montricoux, or Le Petit Paris and its miniature towns in Vaïssac
  • Horseback riding: Equestrian Stadium in Pitray (St Etienne de Tulmont), Z’Arts Stables in Vaïssac, Les Elfes Blancs Stables (Réalville)
  • Montricoux
  • Bruniquel
  • Penne
  • Cazals
  • Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val
  • Caylus
  • Cordes-sur-Ciel
  • Montpezat de Quercy
  • Montauban

Where to drink / where to eat?

  • Les Gourmandises in Nègrepelisse
  • Ô Met’is restaurant éphémère – Open from mid-May to the end of September in Nègrepelisse
  • MARMITE ET COMPAGNIE food truck, traditional cuisine at Nègrepelisse on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes
  • le Panier du Quercy in Nègrepelisse
  • L’As de Pizz in Nègrepelisse
  • Kebab in Nègrepelisse


  • Chez Mimi in Bioule
  • Chez Terrassier in Vaïssac
  • Les Gorges de l’Aveyron in Montricoux
  • Le Délice des Papilles in Montricoux
  • L’Embucaïre in Albias
  • L’Eskualduna in Albias
  • le domaine de Revel  in Vaïssac
  • le domaine de Montels  in Albias
  • le domaine de Maillac in Monclar de Quercy
  • le domaine de Rastelat in Vaïssac
  • La ferme de Laura (sheep’s cheese) in Nègrepelisse
  • GAEC du Tordre (goat cheeses) in Vaïssac
  • Le Petit Maraîcher Bio in Nègrepelisse 
  • GAEC Raujol fruits (mainly apples and fruit juice) in Nègrepelisse
  • La ferme des mille pas in Nègrepelisse


  • La ferme chez Paul (légumes, melons) à Bioule
  • Les Rives de l’Aveyron à Albias
  • Légumes de bel air à Réalville
  • Ferme de Pechevy (ducks, poultry) in Monclar de Quercy
  • GAEC du Paradis group of farmers (goats, donkeys, sheep…) in Montricoux

The Castle - Incontournable

Historical guided tours every week, departing from the campsite!

Centre d'art la Cuisine au château de Nègrepelisse en Tarn-et-Garonne